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In fact, when asked about self publishing, Faye noted the importance of the editing process in improving a literary work. if you can find your audience on your own [without the help of a mainstream publisher], it’s bloody fantastic!

Still, you have to have a stone cold eye about your own work. It can work without it, but you need to be extremely focused,” she summarized.

NYU Title IX coordinator Mary Signor didn’t respond to request for comment.

NYU’s Washington Square campus is defined as running from 8th Street south to Houston and from Broadway west to Washington Square West.

It tracks crime on-campus and areas adjacent to the campus.

The NYU daily crime log lists numerous sexual assaults, with incidents like this one: “A student reported that on 4/2/2016 at p.m.

During the intense six weeks of The NYU Summer Publishing Institute (SPI), we’ve listened to many speakers, panel discussions and attended countless workshops, but we’ve never sat in on a conversation between an editor and her author.

Not until the great Amy Einhorn, Publisher and Vice President of Amy Einhorn Books, and Lyndsay Faye, author of , appeared together on one of the final days of SPI to enlighten us about the unique symbiosis between an author and an editor. What I say to my authors is: ‘These are all suggestions’,” said Einhorn to illustrate the collaborative, not imperative, way to propose changes to an author.

“These new requirements, announced in June 2016, changed the designations of some NYU buildings from ‘non-campus’ to ‘on campus,’” Nagel said.In addition to the rise in rapes and forcible fondlings, there was an 800 percent rise in dating violence, which NYU defines as violence committed by a person who is or has been in a romantic relationship with the victim.Dating violence increased from 2 to 16 reported incidents between 20.Reported rapes more than doubled at NYU’s Washington Square campus from 2014 to 2016, rising from 6 to 16 reported incidents, according to the university’s 2017 security and fire safety report.The rise in reported rapes at the Washington Square campus has outpaced the rise in the NYPD’s 6th precinct, which also covers the Washington Square Park area.

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